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2016-2018 October Jiangsu Cebea participated E MOVE 360 EUROPE Exhibition asf.jpg

                             In 2016, CEBEA was invited to participate in the first year of E MOVE 360 EUROPE Exhibition in Munich, Germany.


The following year we came to Munich again. CEBEA's products have been fortunate to have been known to foreign guests.          

                      At the exhibition,we visited similar products from other countries' exhibiting companies, drawing on the advantages and sharing                                           production experience. 


                        This year we came to Stuttgart for the third time. CEBEA has made great progress in developing new products, strengthening                               production efficiency and sales ability. We are concerned about our manufacturers and have more and more cooperation intentions.


                      Cebea has participated in the E MOVE 360 EUROPE Exhibition in Germany for three consecutive years.In the three years

                     of cordial exchanges with our peers, we have felt that the development of foreign new energy auto industry is still far ahead 

                     of China. Our country's support in the new energy auto industry policy is also encouraging our industry workers. Keep working

                     hard. Because our work is of great significance to the promotion of sustainable development and energy conservation and 

                     emission reduction work.