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  Jiangsu Cebea New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd with its predecessor of Jiangyin Electrical Equipment Accessories Company was established in 1986. It is worked on manufacturing connectors and terminals subsidiary connectors in electrical equipment.

   In 2009, the company engaged in the research of Electric Vehicle conduction interface (EV Charging Connector) and high-current electric vehicle charging connector. The company has three patents for invention. The patent No. is "201110250479.0". What's more another fifteen utility model patents fill the gaps in domestic market.


 A, It has a very little contact resistance, It has gentle insertion and extraction force. It can endure vibration and impulse force.

  B, Mesh-Type elastic beryllium bronze spring leaf in the plug and socket can be rotated in 360-degree, good in hot-swappable, without electric arc.

  C, Due to the special processing of mesh-type elastic spring leaf, it is stable in insertion and extraction, not easily deformed(can be inserted and extracted 100000 times without deformation. It is high-power priority product used in automotive electronics testing, fast charge in new energy electric vehicle conduction interface, rail signal transmission, radio transmission equipment.


 Our company applied the patent of "mesh-Type elastic beryllium bronze spring leaf" into the production of electric vehicle transmission interface and high-current connectors. It is the core technology which mad us aleading company in the field of electric vehicle charging. In 2015, the charging plug and socket were awarded as Jiangsu famous-brand product. In January of 2016, they were awarded as Chinese famous-brand product. Our products were sold to North America, Europe etc.

  Jiangsu Cebea New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was listed in Q-board of Shanghai Equity Exchange on April 22th, 2015. The enterprise code is 204756. 

  Welcome to Jiangsu Cebea New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd for visit, guidance and business negotiations.